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Victorianism, making a big impact at his debut as period, made even a greater one when it began lighting out and offered an easier way for Modernism to change the world. Although harsh, its status in the world was pretty much known as stable and full of confidence, but it clearly was a period of transition and change.

Being seen as a well-established system, the system of values integrated in the Victorian belief has its flaws and one of the most important one was presented as the "woman question". Through it, marriage was deprived of the sentimental point of view which should have been the core of it.

Having to get married because it was as imposed, raising children and taking care of the daily food, with the lack of education and with a constant parallel between man and woman, the women suffered a clear demise, in the favor of the men, who emerged as the ultimate power in the social climate.

Social classes took a new turn as aristocracy was then setting the new tone of the 19th century. There still was the great gap between the poor and the rich and it influenced the course of history, when industrialization and urbanization made living conditions crueler than before. Victorianism as literary trend developed relatively fast and although not entirely, erased the principles of Romanticism, setting a new concept, Realism as main source of inspiration in the writings of any literary critic or writer. Poetry also became second, as the novel emerged as the new force on the literary market and revived the mentality of the reader, because through the novel and of course its fiction in fiction based on reality, writers made a statement and presented the real face of a society through their way of writing.

Industrialization meant a lot in the developing of the future empire. As we know, England was very influenced by this revolutionary concept called industrialization in many ways. The first railways emerged as a form of transport at the beginning of the s and by the year of railways became more than useful to the English society, transforming the idea of space and time. On the other hand, the rural zones had to suffer because of the high urbanization, when people left the countryside for the city, leading to a decrease of the much-appreciated "hard work". The cities became overpopulated and thus, it lead to an increasing hunger and poorly life conditions for those who did not cope with the new surrounding conditions.

The Napoleonic War and The Reform Bill, as presented even in our novels, presented a large influence on the society as well.

A Social Morality Of The Victorian Age

The novel emerged as an opposition to the term of romance. It was conceived as means of entertaining the middle-class and it had high difficulties because of the "revolution" concerning printing and paper costs. However, with the industrial revolution things changed, with a rather slow progress and cheap printing was in favor of the novel. A large gap was created between real and ideal, reality and fiction, although blended together in a very useful mix for the Victorian novel.

Besides realism, Victorian writers had an intense appetite for portraying facts of history, as it was or as they live it. We thus reach the revolutionary works, that over stood time, of George Eliot and William Makepeace Thackeray. Long before them, Charles Dickens imagined his conception of the novel and began writing. His success was believed to not be overstepped by anyone in the history of Victorian literature. We successfully deal with any challenges you may ask us to help with, and there are various services we provide to our students.

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Custom homework help. Next came the most diverse and complex class, the middle class. Those within the middle class with…. While the Victorian Era was a time of great invention and innovation in England, many people suffered due to the rise of Victorian England in order for the country to succeed, much like a religious sacrifice.

The Victorian Era was an industrial time where many grew…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

Browse Essays. Home Page Victorian Age Essay. Victorian Age Essay Words 3 Pages. Show More. Unto This Last was a fierce attack on the Victorian doctrine of laissez-faire as applied to the relations between the employer and his workers, and it aroused widespread indignation. From that moment the tone of his writings became more and more prophetic and increasingly diffuse, until his autobiography, Praeterita , which showed all his former mastery of words.

Later 19th-century poets carried on the tradition of their romantic predecessors; in , Elizabeth Barrett and the relatively obscure poet Robert Browning formed their celebrated partnership. Today, Elizabeth Barrett Browning's fame has declined, and "the man who married Elizabeth Barrett" has completely overshadowed her. His two-volume work Men and Women reveals his talents at their highest point. An intellectual, speculative, and discursive poet who showed a novelist's preoccupation with the complexities of human character, he was also a fine lyric poet.

Both his shorter poems and his lengthy verse novels reveal a wondrous range of gifts.

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Alfred Tennyson succeeded Wordsworth as poet laureate in , but by that time his finest work had been done. The spirit of pagan melancholy that breathes through his early poems, for example "The Lotos-Eaters" , had largely disappeared, and the feelings of poignant personal sorrow that inspired In Memoriam had eventually been stilled. Read More. Words: - Pages: 8.