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This task is an exploratory task that will look into new strands within the field of software engineering.

II. Background

Relevant topics include software engineering for startups, software engineering in the public sector, software companies and public procurements, multidisciplinary software engineering, human-centred software engineering. Sensorbasert informasjon bl. Recommender systems aim to help users to automatically find the most relevant items. In addition to standalone systems, recommender systems also work as embedded services in various platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify etc. According to the existing research, the success of recommender systems depends on the graphical presentation of recommended items to the users as well as the relevancy of the items.

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This project is a part of the ongoing research project on news recommender systems. The goal of this project is to develop a standalone news recommender system interface while exploring the best way to interact with the users on preferably mobile platforms. After enforcement of GDPR General Data Protection Regulation May , all companies and institutions collecting data about individuals are obliged to deliver to people the data they collected about them e.

So, what people can do with so much and rich data about themselves? It would be super hard for them to analyze, extract insights and even look into the raw data downloaded from Facebook, Google, etc.. This kind of insight may be valuable for the individual themselves, but also for others e.

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The data collection, analysis and visualisation are present in a developing app. Data analysis and machine learning is focus. We can demonstrate the current result and the developing app from previous master project as an inspiration. The number of girls choosing IT-related subjects in secondary schools is very low.

Main duties and responsibilities

This is evident for example in the percentage of girls who have selected the newly established elective course in programming in ungdomskole. With this comes a risk to create a digital divide related to gender that will limit the number of women choosing IT careers. How can we bring this experience and opportunities to all the girls in Norway? This task aims at designing technological solutions to support a community around girls involvement in IT-education and programming, providing support for career consultancy and mentoring.

The goal is to use ICT to promote social interaction and support, promoting and sustaining the community.

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Han kan ofte legge ned flere hundre timer i felten uten a finne de. Den ene studenten vil arbeide med utviklingen av bildeanalysen. Vi har her behov for to studenter som har kunnskap i bildeanalyse og bilde samstilling. Den tredje studenten har generell informasjonsteknologi-bakgrunn. Developing countries have limited resources for healthcare delivery hence need to make the most of resources available. Based on open source software, Hisp aims at increasing the efficency and quality of health services by enhancing the necessary reporting of health status.

The approach of Hisp is pragmatic: rather than elaborate, complex 'perfect' solutions, Hisp provides simple and robust ones that have a realistic chance of uptake. Hisp, across Africa and Asia, is implemented in about 50 countries in varying degree of completion. It is one of the world's largest systems serving patients in the Global South, measured by size of the caption population. The purpose of the work is to identify requirements and subsequently help implement these as part of the evolving portfolio of Hisp software. The Hisp project is managed by Univ of Oslo. The enhancements expected are defined in the secondary objectives below:.

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Design and implement web-based workplaces with AKM capabilities for missions, product and process design modelling and execution. These workplaces must be able to access all kinds of web-data and tools in the user context and present this in the workplace in a way that makes collaboration and innovation faster, cheaper and safer. Implement and assess new approaches, principles and capabilities for designing evolutionary use-case solutions, systems and workplaces, for roles and responsibilities defined by the customers.

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Develop and test enhanced meta-models and AKM modelling capabilities for collaborative modelling, cyclic design and execution, and knowledge management. Implement and demonstrate new Active Knowledge Architectures supporting emergent Visual Collaborative Arenas and product, process and system design capabilities. The master project will be coordinated with the needs and results created in other parallel projects. The students will be given access to material supporting work on all objectives. The business and human values lie in cyclic design and execution of products, organizations, processes and emergent life-cycle services and intelligent systems.

The workplaces and methods produced will enhance collaboration and innovation, and support the balancing of properties, capabilities, qualities and services, reducing errors and change management. The secondary objectives are: 1. Implement web-based workplaces with AKM capabilities for missions, product and process design modelling and execution. These workplaces must be able to access all kinds of web-data and tools in the user context. Implement and assess new principles and capabilities for designing evolutionary use-case solutions, systems and workplaces, for roles and responsibilities defined by the customers.

The pilot use-case will be defined by Equinor. The web-based AKM Platform is being re-implemented in an Equinor Accelerator project and will support the tasks to be performed. A Demonstrator of cyclic design and execution of workplaces and capabilities based on and extending the capabilities of the AKM Platform and recent digitization approaches, such as Digital Twins will be implemented in an open demonstrator. One will in parallel work on more use-cases pilots that might be relevant focus for a master thesis.

This master project will be coordinated with needs and results created in parallel use-case projects. The students will be given access to material supporting work on all objectives and tasks. The students will be invited to the knowledge architecting and platform building teams of the other pilot projects.

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This project will focus on an efficient ICT infrastructure to support smart building and neighbourhoods, by looking at IoT, sensor data and a distributed data architecture. This work may be expanded in a Master project, to include other types of data and data sources, such as open data. Most of the current software security practices are to test the software using penetration testing at the very late stage of software development.

As developers are not well trained to develop secure software, or their software security knowledge is not update, developers introduce software vulnerabilities when writing code. The idea of this project is to prevent software vulnerability from the first place, i. Advancements in information technology have made people less aware of the collection and usage of personal data. As a result, individuals rarely have clear knowledge of what information other people and firms store about them or how that information is used.

The problem is made even more pressing with the increasing adoption of IoT and interactive objects, promoting new forms of interaction and data collection for which new strategies needs to be developed. This task aims to investigate how to use serious games and scenario tools to evoke reflection about sharing of personal data and privacy and promote learning about these issues.

The task might be specialized to consider i challenges to personal data set by different types of technology e. These specialization will be done at the beginning of the semester based on the interest and competencies of the student. The task will start with the identification of some relevant scenarios and a study of current literature. It will then continue with the iterative development of a prototype to be evaluated with users.

The task is part of a cooperation with the Norwegian Computing Center. Main supervisor: Prof. Monica Divitini. Kontrolleren og modellen vil typisk bli kodet i en IDE, f. Intent classification is a key step in performance of the chat bot. The results have been quite satisfying and we want to improve the model further and use it in production in one of the following ways:.

We would like to end up with a model that is able to work with both Norwegian and English. Board games have a long history, with the first board games dating back to BC. More recently different platforms have been developed to support the development of interactive board games, both replicating existing board games like the monopoly version for iPad but also developing new game concepts for example, interactive surfaces to promote museum visits. Digital board games combine the interactivity and versatility of videogames with the social, physical and fun experience of traditional board games.

This student task aims at conceiving, prototyping, and evaluating an interactive board game to promote awareness of privacy issues. Though the students might choose the specific privacy concerns that they want to address in the game and the target players, with this task we are particularly interested in inter-generational games. Learning to code is recognized as important.