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CliffsNotes AP English Language and Composition With an Conceive your thesis statement, which will go in your introductory paragraph. Organize your body.

Private subscriptions Tassomai supports students as they work towards good exam results , while their parents receive weekly progress reports , providing them with regular, detailed feedback.

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Courses are available for children aged 7 to 17 in a range of subjects. Learn about Tassomai at home.

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GCSE science content is tailored to each individual exam board , and all Tassomai content is written by subject specialists and teachers. I found the reports really useful and was very impressed in how the subscription reduced as each science subject had been examined. Helen, parent. I was over the moon with my results and progress, which I attribute entirely to my consistent and personalised approach to my Tassomai use.

Martina, student on her GCSE results. I am a science teacher as well as a father and a big fan of Tassomai. I frequently recommend Tassomai - I think the little and often approach works very well. Nik, parent. Sally, parent. I definitely believe the personal subscription was worth every penny and had more to do with the final grade than her school classes.

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Tassomai is absolutely amazing! This programme helped my confidence a lot and boosted my grades from Us and Es to all Bs by the end of year Definitely would recommend to anyone. A friend of ours is the Head of Science in another local school, she suggested we can; however when I raised this with my daughters school, they implied that it was soley at the discretion of the teacher and that all decisions were based on her professional judgement alone.

We will of course continue to pursue our argument, but wondered if, as parents, we had any real clout to overturn her decision? To help prepare her for the next exams we have decided to pay for private tutition — will this help our case? Showing them that you — and the student — are serious, may help, so telling them that you have a plan, including private tuition, may help.

State your argument to the head of science and exams officer as well as the teacher s in question. Part of our frustration is that she was predicted a B, with the possibility of achieving an A if she applied a tad more effort! I understand that the foundation paper caps the grades at a C, but that she can reach an overall C grade if her controlled assessments are of a high standard. It is for these reasons we have totally lost faith in the teacher, her judgement and capability to get our daughter to where she wants to be.

We have since purchased a revision guide, a copy of the workbook she uses in class and now the extra tuition. We hope that with all of this, we can get her to that place; but that does mean they will have to support her wish to sit the higher paper. I have a question. My daughter is currently in year 10 and is doing core science.

She recently sat higher tier Chemistry, and foundation Physics and Biology. Can she get higher than a C if doing a combination of tiers. I think the exam board was WJEC. She did Biology back in May. Chemistry was 12 June and Physics 15 June I think. Yes, you can get more than a C with a combination of higher and foundation papers. Each module can be taken again once, so the Biology and Physics marks could be improved if she feels confident of resitting.

I often call the boards — they are very helpful. Thank you for much needed info! How do I find out the topics he needs to study in Chemistry, Physics and Biology? There is actually very little difference between foundation and higher as far as topics are concerned. And most of the difference is in chemistry. However, the questions are more challanging in higher tier. Your son should have a course textbook, and in it the higher tier topics will be marked — probably with a colour code — so it should be easy to revise those parts.


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In theory, your school should be able to change the tier this close to the exams, but they are often reluctant to do so. An option is to ask to resit the exams text year at the higher level in January possibley november? BBC bitezise tests are good. Any collection of questions is good as long as you have answers. Looking through the glossary in your textbook is also a good idea — you need to know all the definitions. Test yourself for a short period, then break and relax. Find your best routine. Name required. Email will not be published required. Powered by WordPress. Designed by. You can call me anytime on or email me at bobfostertuition at gmail.

My skype name is bobfostercoach. James June 3, at pm. Bob Foster June 26, at am.

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Bob Foster May 4, at am. No idea.

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Ask Edexcel! Johnny April 21, at pm. Bob Foster April 21, at pm. Bob Foster March 26, at am. Bob Foster March 15, at pm. Past papers for testing — of course she must have read her books first! Bob Foster March 15, at am. Doing past papers is always a good idea Reply. Unlikely, but possible.

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Nia February 27, at am. Thanking you in advance, Nia Reply. Bob Foster January 18, at pm. What does her teacher say? Would be really great if you replied thanks Reply. Bob Foster November 22, at pm. Hi Sandra, same reply as before — 7c is fine.