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It is always best to talk about a particular situation and emphasis on the details of that failure. For example, you could talk about what the circumstance exactly was, what you tried to do and what you did once you got to know that you were wrong in your judgement. Keep the tone positive and talk how you rectified your mistakes. Emphasis on what you learnt from that failure, which has helped you avoid make the same mistake again later on. The primary problem was that the whole team was complacent as we thought it was an easy target to achieve.

Henceforth, I have always made sure that I remain alert and keep my eyes open to the realities of a situation. In fact, on our next project, though the team was putting the right efforts, I knew the team had the potential to achieve that wow factor. I stepped up and motivated my teammates to push even harder and this project got us esteemed recognition in the company.

Every company has a certain work culture and hiring managers want to be sure that whatever motivates you is in line with the overall persona of the company. Interviewers are looking to know what drove you to have the kind of profile that you have and this will help them judge if you are the right fit for the company. Be as honest as possible. You could mention a few circumstances where you gave your best and try to decipher what made you so driven to achieve the kind of goals that you did.

Never exaggerate and do not be vague about your motivation. For example, if developing a product with a team is your passion, then you could talk about how your past experiences where you achieved wonders with team work. Do remember that whatever factors maybe your motivation, but it is important that you elucidate them with real life examples. To keep learning new things is something that motivates me greatly.

I realised this early on in my career, where I used to rack my brains to come up with innovative solutions to problems and not just take the conventional route.

What this meant for me is that I was developing problem solving skills and not rely on textbook solutions. This helped me to transform into a Solution Engineer, where my out of the box solutions, not only improved the performance of the system, but also helped improve its efficiency. To know that my solutions are creating a positive impact in the company, motivates me the most. Some companies require you to shell out a certain time period of time, and this time frame may differ from day to day and week to week basis.

Interviewers are not looking for half hearted people who are not flexible with your schedule. They look for an adaptive nature in potential candidates. It is important that you do not lie here and say you would be available any time. You can talk about circumstances where you put in more than what was expected out of you to complete a particular project.

This way, the interviewer knows that you are adaptive and have shown credibility in the past. Also, if you are not available on certain hours of the week, due to a valid reason, go ahead and mention that you would be unavailable for those particular hours.

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But do mention that you are ready to work beyond what is expected out of you on the other days to make up for the time. Overall, keep the tone positive, matured and honest. I am available all through the weekdays. But, in this era, as the competition is over the roof, I know that this is a demanding job. Although I would love to spend time on the weekends with my family just to balance things out in life, I am more than willing to go out of my way to meet deadlines.

I remember distinctly, in my previous job, our team was running behind a little. Hence, I am flexible enough and always give a priority to completion of tasks on time. A mentor is someone you are willing to listen to and someone in front of whom you could be brutally honest about your problems.

Your attitude towards them is important as gratitude and humility are also important in the job scene. The interviewer wants to know if you were successful in forming this kind of an equation with someone, which will help add positively to your personality. Choose a person who has been influential in your life and has helped you in your overall development as a person.

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There is no compulsion that you need to refer to your colleges or your seniors who advise you. You can also go ahead and choose anybody who has really made an impact in your life. Talk about instances where you were stuck or were indecisive and how that mentor guided you, not only professionally, but also in your career goals, productivity etc. Mention how you have become a better person by following their advice and how you hold them in the highest regard.

In the work place, with a lot of different people working towards the same goal, there will be different views and sometimes disagreements do arise. The interviewer is keen to know how you would handle these kinds of situations and also check if your communication skills are on point. Give an example of a situation which led to the disagreement and mention if you were right or wrong.

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What matters here is how you put across your views in the disagreement and how you convinced your boss that you were right. If you had been wrong in the disagreement, own up your mistake and explain what you learnt from it. This shows that you have the humility to accept your mistakes and are willing to learn from them.

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  6. The trick here is to not sound too proud if you have been proven right in the disagreement, or to not sound defensive if you were wrong in the disagreement. It was during a team discussion, where my boss did not want to experiment with new authors, to have articles published in the monthly magazine. I disagreed with him, as I had seen the talent the fresh minds had, and we could afford to take that leap of faith.

    He agreed to my suggestions, and gave a green signal to include two new authors in the monthly magazine. This proved to be a huge success, as the new authors were already internet sensations, which drew us a much larger crowd.

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    With the growing demands of every industry, it is natural that one experiences pressure and stress in the workplace. To manage it well and push through is what matters the most. The interviewer is interested in finding out exactly this as to what your approach is to handle pressure at the workplace and still be productive at the end of the day.

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    Giving real life examples always works. Talk about situations in the past where you managed a tough situation. You could probably say that you created a schedule and stuck to it to achieve results, or talk as to how you did a little extra work every day so you had time for yourself as well as you did justice for your position.

    No matter how much one tries, with the job scenes getting more demanding, one does feel stressful at some point or the other. Over the years, I have learnt to transform all the stress into efficient performance. I remember, at my previous job, the stress of giving my best in every project drove me to complete the tasks well in advance. Remember that the interviewer is not just looking for a name as an answer. This is the kind of prep that is expected out of a potential candidate. Always research about the company well enough before the interview.

    A simple Google search will give you the name of the CEO of the company, but do not stop there yet. Go through the social profiles of the CEO and higher authorities and see what kind of work they are involved off late. See what kind of articles they have shared and mention about them in the interview. You could also talk about some similarities that you found in yourself and the CEO. Maybe both of you are involved in a lot of social causes or endorse the same causes. Talk about their education and early life as well. This shows that you are serious about your job in the company and are determined to make it through the interview and come out successful.

    The CEO is X. When I was researching about her, I found out that she spent a great deal of time in many different countries, networking everywhere she goes.