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But it is clear that buying brands is becoming a more important tactic as Coca-Cola looks to move faster into new markets. This focus on brands beyond Coca-Cola has required structural changes too. The company is also rebranding older products and investing in its lower-sugar variants, with some success.

How Coca-Cola’s Marketing Strategy Incorporates Influencers To Drive Success

It worked, and by July UK Diet Coke sales had overtaken classic Coke, aided by an instant boost in the week after the overhaul. All of this brand-building hinges on one big element: choice. We have zero for half of our portfolio. Marketing Week was among the first members of the media to be allowed in. The circular main room would not look out of place in a Bond Film, with screens surrounding a circular table lit by a single light.

In this customer collaboration centre, Coca-Cola uses the latest technology to gain consumer insights and uses virtual reality to see what innovation will look like at scale in retailers.

While the KOLab is in a separate building from the rest of the Atlanta HQ, it is integrated within the company, unlike at other brands such as PepsiCo, where innovation centres are housed in separate business hubs. The impact of the lab can be felt across the business.

No more ‘holy grails’: Why Coca-Cola is no longer tied to its old brand rules

The launch of Coke Zero took five years of research, 60 prototypes, 18 global studies, 90 sample testings and various formats. Compare that to today and the route to market is cut drastically. Coca-Cola Clear with lemon, which was launched in China in , took just two months from concept to launch.

Critics called it the biggest marketing blunder ever and the company still cites it constantly as an example of how beloved Coke is. Before you could not play with the Coca-Cola formula. You could add a flavour to it — a Coke vanilla and a Coke orange — but not change the recipe. Now we are saying start with the consumer: who are you trying to connect with and therefore how must Coke adapt itself to fit?

The Coca-Cola Company’s marketing strategy Report (Assessment)

To understand the future of Coca-Cola it helps to look to Japan, where the company launches four products a week. Coca-Cola might appear to have been innovating for years given the steady stream of new Coke flavours. To do that it needs to expand into new drinking occasions. And this is where it is starting to experiment.

A year ago, Japan launched Coke with coffee. Coke with coffee is also different because its sales do not come at the expense of the core product. Instead, they come from looking at an occasion and a need — people wanting more caffeine to perk them up during an afternoon slump — thus taking sales from other categories rather than cannibalising Coca-Cola sales.

The Coca-Cola Company will still be synonymous with carbonated drinks and its namesake product but perhaps more popular products in other categories will become more important to the business. Is there a point when the business owns a product bigger than Coca-Cola? What will be key, he believes, is Coca-Cola keeping up with the pace of change. Coca-Cola not a disruptor or a startup or an underdog tapping into a niche.

However, Coca-Cola is prioritising rapid innovation, launching into new markets and exploring nascent trends. Competition from the local players is the other major issue that company is facing now days. Pepsi is the single largest main competitor of Coca-Cola having products across the segments. You can follow me on Facebook.

Let's stay in touch :. Please refer this article — How to create a strong channel sales pipeline. Well, i am going to cover that soon. But it will sure be a blast once i start. This is Krystal from London my teacher gave me a project on…… study the marketing strategy of any company so this review came when I searched and she liked mine very much …but I made language easier so that my teacher could not catch me… thank you very much…krystal? How the organization progresses under the leadership of that figure for coca cola company…pls rply and send to me that answer sir.

I need more on significances of marketing to the Coca-Cola Company…with valid examples……. We have an awesome picture that Coca Cola might what to use during the baseball season as a commercial! Please respond if interested. Drinking coke all day, since like forever. The Coca-Cola Company could achieve this by adopting effective research systems.

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In addition, the company could adopt lower-pricing of its drinks during a recession to ensure that sales do not decrease rapidly Cavusgil, Social factors have caused changes in the lifestyle that have negatively impacted the Company. There is also a social concern that older people are adopting strict lifestyles that are not characterised by consumption of carbonated drinks. In the long run, the lifestyle changes would have many negative impacts on the Company that will culminate in decreased sales.

Technological factors play important roles in the operations of many organisations in the modern world.

The Coca-Cola Company has adopted new technologies in advertising and marketing its products. The company has also purchased new machines in its production units that are characterised by new technologies.

Page 2: Marketing strategy

This has led to an increase in the volume of drinks that the firm produces in a day. In the light of increased global competition from its competitors, the Coca-Cola Company has strategically positioned itself to maintain and increase its market share. The Company has the following organisational capabilities: consumer marketing, commercial leadership, and franchise leadership.

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  • The Coca-Cola Company should try to investigate emerging markets because they present excellent opportunities for recording impressive sales. The Company performs uniquely in the business world and gains competitive advantage by analysing competition within markets. External business factors that negatively or positively impact the Company are political, economical, social and technological factors. Balmer, J.

    Growing Responsibly: A New Way Forward for Coca-Cola

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    Coca-Cola Case Study Analysis

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    Walsh, P. Dealing with the uncertainties of environmental change by adding scenario planning to the strategy reformulation equation. Werther Jr, W. Strategic corporate social responsibility as global brand insurance. Business Horizons , 48 4 , You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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