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CliffsNotes AP English Language and Composition With an Conceive your thesis statement, which will go in your introductory paragraph. Organize your body.

Word counts are there for a reason.


One, to make sure that you give enough detail to actually say something meaningful. Don't cram in a bunch of unnecessary words just to make it longer. Consider this essay prompt: Who is someone you admire and why? If you simply say, "I admire my mom because she is great," what does that tell your reader? Nothing useful! Sure, you answered the question, but what thought went into the response? A minimum word count is going to make you actually put some more effort into the details. Make sure that as you write to reach the word count that you aren't just putting random words down that don't add to your essay.

You need to actually put some effort into writing a good story - yes, you're telling a story in your essay. It should be interesting to read. Also, remember that writing to a specific word count doesn't mean that you should just stop when you hit the required words either. Schools provide these as guidelines to get you to put in some effort to your work, but also prevent you from going overboard.

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No admission officer wants to read your page memoir as part of your application, no matter how interesting it may be; honestly, they don't have the time. But, they do want a brief story that helps them get to know you as an applicant.

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Most private schools give you an option of essay writing prompts. Don't choose the one that you think you should choose; instead, opt for the writing prompt that most interests you.

Make Your Application Essay Stand Out

If you're invested in the topic, passionate about it even, then that will show through in your writing sample. This is your chance to show who you are as a person, share a meaningful experience, memory, dream or hobby, which can set you apart from the other applicants , and that's important.

Admission committee members are going to read hundreds, if not thousands, of essays from prospective students. Put yourself in their shoes.

Would you want to read the same type of essay over and over? Or would you hope to find an essay from a student that's a little different and tells a great story? Retakes are rarely provided so it is important to plan ahead. The entire exam is multiple-choice. Each question is worth one point and there is no penalty for guessing. The prospective schools then consider the scores for admissions, academic placement, and assigning scholarships. Skip to content. Why Choose Gallagher Prep?

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