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Impatient and willing to go back onto actions, he escaped in May disguised as a laborer carrying lumber. He came back in London where he lived with the wealthy Harriet Howard who later funded his third coup.

He campaigned for the Presidential election of focusing on measures to improve the life of labour class following the thesis he developed while in prison. He faced fierce competition from Cavaignac, the socialist Ledru-Rollin, the extreme left candidate Raspail and the poet Lamartine. Surprisingly enough, he won His close friends advised him to organize a coup.

He used the army to crush the opposition led by writer Victor Hugo and a few other republicans.

Napoleon Bonaparte Biography in Hindi - Full Story and Achievements Explained

The coup was brutal, 26, people were arrested, opponents where sent to the penal colony Cayenne, to French Algeria or sent to jail. On 21 December , he organized a national plebiscite where 7,, voters said yes, , voted no, and 1.

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The Second French Empire was founded. From a life in exil, two failed coup who led him in prison, Napoleon III finally seized the power the same day his uncle was crowned. At that time, France was lagging behind. His government was dedicated to build the infrastructure and institutions to support economic growth.

For instance, in France had only 3, kilometers of railway, compared with 10, kilometers in England. Paris was a medieval city with small streets, no sewers nor potable water. Mainly of the boulevards and the current architecture was created under Napoleon III.

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The city was so moderne that it survived the modernisation of transportation with cars and metro. Despite his authoritarian regime, he implemented social and economic policies such as the right to strike in , the right for workers to organize in , giving women greater access to public education in , introducing history and philosophy in high school.

Napoleon III also secretly signed an agreement with Great Britain to lower the tarifs and to open the French markets to imported goods.

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  • He signed it without even consulting the Assembly, the industrialists were shocked and protested but he stayed still. The agreement was years latter acclaimed by industrialists. During the Empire industrial production increased by 73 percent, growing twice as rapidly as that of the United Kingdom. From to , the French economy grew at a pace of five percent a year. The agriculture was so productive that the last recorded famine ever in France was in He arranged peace with Britain that he saw as a very dangerous enemy to have.

    This provoked anger from the French Catholics so he agreed to send 20, armed guards to protect the Pope in Rome against the Italians and Garibaldi. In , he sent troops to Mexico to establish an allied monarchy but the U. S 50, troops forced him to leave the country.

    He latter controlled some part of Vietnam and started a protectora over Cambodia in In , the German Confederation composed of 39 German-speaking states started to expand in German-speaking provinces in Europe. Napoleon III desperately was looking for allies by it was a dead end. Otto von Bismarck, a clever Prussian statesman, understood it was possible for the Prussian Empire to lead the unification of Germany by fighting against a common enemy, France.

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    Bismarck provoked the war against the really unprepared French army. Napoleon III was ill and knew it was impossible to win but his wife and the French people led by the pro-Republic propaganda wanted the war. His army was quickly defeated in a terrible mess — the French having maps of Germany and not France. At the battle of Sedan even the Emperor was captured. He was highly criticized due to the fact he surrendered and not die in the battle. On 4 September, the republicans, who were pro-war because they knew it was the only way to overthrow Napoleon III, gathered at the Hotel de Ville and proclaimed the return to the Republic.

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