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Positive parenting and reinforcement of good behaviour in turn promotes high self-esteem.

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Teenagers copy what they see. If they see their parents swearing at the television during a football match or getting drunk then they see this as the norm. A survey of teachers in the UK conducted by the Association of teachers and lecturers in found that young people chose sports and pop stars as role models. Teens are influenced by what they see whether the role models are positive or negative and they can have a major effect on young peoples attitudes during their most formative and impressionable years.

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If the media projects the very worst of celebrity role models do teenagers really need them? Tabitha, Jemma, Anya and Olivia surnames with-held are 15 year old school girls who have their own view. Respect is there for people who work hard and achieve celebrity because of hard work rather than being famous for the sake of it. But the pressure to behave and look a certain way runs deep and becomes evident from 13 years and upwards. Wearing the same clothes, looking and behaving the same, wearing make-up is the safest way to get through school unscathed.

Teenage behaviour is often presented in a negative way by the media and there is an automatic assumption that all young people behave the same way this was one aspect of being a teenager that all the four girls felt very strongly about.

David Beckham

Does the behaviour of these high profile celebrities influence teenagers? At the end of the day we will do want we want to do. A great teacher or sports coach can equally inspire young people giving them confidence, self-esteem and the belief that they can achieve their goals. Adolescence brings with it a major change in appearance, temperament, attitude and the conflicts associated with taking on responsibility of becoming an adult. Teens are on a voyage of self-discovery and are trying to make their own way in life with the steadying guidance of the parents.

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Although some teenagers are in danger of not having realistic ideas of what hard work is but rather harbor unrealistic dreams of fame and fortune. Whatever the influence of the role model it is down to the parents to take every opportunity to reinforce values that are important to them to ensure young people have confidence and are secure in their own skin. Positive parenting and positive role models are contributing factors to teenagers with high self esteem, fostering hard work ethics and a determination to succeed. Helping companies get more leads and enquiries by writing persuasive and engaging copy which means more Sales.

Teenagers by Caroline. What, no role model? These people have become synonymous with success through hard work, commitment and dedication.


Most teenagers are feisty, demand independence and will follow who they want to. They remember what we do rather than what we might want them to do. Teenagers by the very definition are not fit for human participation! The captains is suppose to point out what is going wrong and try and direct his team mates to correct the mistakes.

I mean did you once see him shout or communicate with his fellow players. How do you think England is going to perform against world class teams such as France and Brazil? I mean do you see David Beckham running rings round the likes of Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos, that would be a sight everyone would like to see. I would much prefer to see Eriksson to put someone with a louder voice and someone who will uplift the team spirit to a quality football playing team.

Role Models in Sport: David Beckham Sky Sports Ambassador

For example Robbie Fowler though he is struggling to get into the first team to be captain for he has had experience in that sort of a situation or even Sheringham to be captain for he has also had much more experience in a captaining situation; Even the England goalkeeper has a more wide knowledge of a captaining position than David. David Beckham. Accessed October 20, We will write a custom paper sample on David Beckham specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours 23 : 59 : If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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What no role model. Do teenagers need role models?

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