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Is Most Published Research Wrong?

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You can start or join in a discussion here. Visit emeraldpublishing. Abstract Purpose This article aims to investigate the differences and similarities among cross-cultural, values and ethics between the USA and Asian countries.

Chapter 5: Family and Personal Values | Pew Research Center

Findings The research found that Western cultures tend to be more individualistic, while Asian countries tend to be very collective. Please note you might not have access to this content.

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Now, the main mechanism for values change at a societal level is generational replacement. Youth are a constant source of new ideas and beliefs that infuse the culture and become predominant as the values of older generations die with their cohort. Which parents among us can deny an uncharacteristic but extreme authoritarian impulse or two when confronting a raging child? And with the accelerated pace of change in most aspects of our world, this trend has been further enhanced in our own time.

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  6. The social values assessment methodology we employ, which was first developed in the s by Alain de Vulpian and our French colleagues at his company Cofremca in Paris, was invented in response to a wish to understand the evolution and meaning of the spontaneous rejection of traditional values and institutions evident among many young people in French society at that time.

    Like their North American colleagues in this enterprise, such as Daniel Yankelovich, the French social scientists took their initial understanding of the societal structuring and evolution of social values from extensive qualitative research, primarily in-depth, one-on-one interviews.

    Why social values cannot be changed for the sake of conservation

    This research revealed new attitudes toward order, religious and secular authority, success, social status, the role of the sexes, and the place of youth in society, as well as a growing orientation of individuals toward personal autonomy, informality, and immediate gratification. In the early s, the knowledge gained from this qualitative research was used to create questions and scales designed to measure the diffusion of these new values within the French culture.

    This was accomplished through annual quantitative surveys of representative samples of the population. The system was subsequently extended beyond France into more than twenty countries in Europe and the Americas. While we will neither go into the reasons why all these steps are necessary, nor how they are conducted statistically with the specific software algorithms employed, we will describe the most important facets in detail here.

    The goal of the first quantitative study in a new country is to understand the major structural relations among the values in evidence there. As more data come in, we begin to explore the currents and trajectories of values evolution in that society. Here are the necessary steps in the workup of a full-bodied socio-cultural profile of a society. The key to the development of a socio-cultural analysis for any country is the first step, value sensing, for this is where we discover what is existing and prevalent, as well as in later researches what is new, in a society.

    Through the qualitative research we routinely conduct in a given culture for a wide array of clients, we constantly seek to extract and abstract what is novel and potentially important in socio-cultural values terms in relation to that which has come before. We ask what is bubbling up from the many generative groups in the culture, from youth and new immigrant groups to emerging political or religious movements.

    The Values Americans Live By by Robert Kohls Essay

    We try to sniff out what is developing in terms of political counterculture, new ideologies, technology uptake and resistance, new social forms in the family, changing attitudes toward work, trends in popular culture and entertainment, evolving patterns of consumption, emerging preferences for travel and leisure, new aesthetic and design sensibilities, evolving food and drink preferences, and so forth.

    In addition to our ongoing research, we conduct special studies just for this purpose of values sensing, by finding the opinion leaders, local experts, and market mavens at the sharp edge of the values change wedge in these various topical areas, and then interviewing them in depth.

    here As part of this values trend identification methodology, we do detailed interviews, web-based research, anthropological studies called everyday life researches EDLs , and countless focus groups with both average and exceptional people. And importantly, we also interview local cultural experts, commentators, and interpreters and lean on our international colleagues, who also conduct this type of research worldwide, for their experiences and insights. When our preparation is complete, we sift through the trends collaboratively as a research team, through the benefits and biases of our training individually as sociologists and semioticians, psychologists and market researchers, prognosticators and communicators.

    In recent years, for example the perceived invasiveness of employers, governments, and e-commerce marketers has led to a concern for privacy that is likely to have diverse manifestations as people assert their rights to privacy across a wider spectrum of their lives. We might hypothesize about whether privacy will become more precious—or completely meaningless—as technology enhances our ability to connect with and keep watch over one another.

    Again, we draw on both the work of other social scientists and our own empirical research to understand how best to assess each value and to explore the meaning of these values working in concert in each culture.