This research will understand the various strategies implemented by companies and will conclude whether implementing them helps companies build their brands. The importance of trust and security in e-commerce has greatly increased in the recent times, thanks to the growing number of threats that exist on the internet. When companies decide to implement e-commerce, they entrust their customers that the ir data and privacy will be protected. On the other hand, customers also make e-commerce payments trusting the company with their information.

Thus, exploring these two essentials of e-commerce will help in understanding how successful companies have been. Here is a wide range of e-commerce trust and security topics to choose from. E-Commerce Trust Dissertation Topics. This research will explore the trust aspect of e-commerce as to whether it really exists or is a myth.

This research will aim to explore the data privacy issues that exist in the e-commerce industry and how it impacts businesses. This research will aim to understand the data protection act and will analyze whether or not it helps businesses to build trust. The research will also conclude whether changes to this act are required or not. This research will explore the effectiveness of anti-virus software and whether or not it has helped in protecting the e-commerce industry.

This research will analyse the strategies that are utilized by retailers in the UK in order to build trust among customers. E-Commerce Security Dissertation Topics. This research will analyse the past third party attacks that occurred and will explore the reasons as to why those happened. This research will talk about the basic of ecommerce security, the challenges faced by the industry and its solutions. This research will aim to understand the various strategies that are employed by e-commerce businesses in order to enhance ecommerce transactions.

This research will investigate the effectiveness of encryption and the reason why ecommerce industry adopts it.

This research will discuss a relatively new concept, online reputation, and will explore how the UK fashion industry practices it. Not many e-businesses pay enough attention to the usability of their e-commerce website. It should be noted that complex ordering and navigation system leads to higher bounce rates, leaving companies with very low or no revenue. Companies should build user friendly user interface or else visitors will prematurely give up and abandon their shopping cart.

To explore this aspect of e-commerce, here are some latest research topics:. This research will compare the website user interface of leading airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish airlines etc. This research will analyse the website options that should be adopted by companies in order to ensure user friendliness. This research will discuss and analyse the m-commerce aspect of applications as to how they should be built keeping user friendliness in mind.

This research will consider two important aspects of website building, customer preferences and behavior. The study will suggest how these two should be considered when putting up a website.

Stephanie Brundige (Luis Rosero), 2014

This research will explore the most important factor related to business i. Governments across the globe have reacted slowly to technological advancements being made over the last fifty years.

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Lobby groups behind large profit making organisations play a huge part in the e-commerce laws being made. Consequently, benefits of legislation are not being experienced by the general public. Thus, it is worth exploring this aspect of e-commerce. This research will compare and analyze the e-commerce laws and regulations for new and existing businesses in America and European Union,. This research will explore the customer protection laws and its role in the development of e-commerce in UAE.

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This research will explore the computer misuse act and whether or not it is relevant today in the e-commerce industry. This research will explore the impact of Brexit on the e-commerce industry in the UK and whether or not there will be new laws. This research will understand how UK legislation has set out e-commerce rules and how it impacts businesses. This research will understand whether or not e-commerce laws and legislations act as a deterrent to computer attacks, and how effective they have been.

This research will aim to understand the implications of Data Protection Act for Ecommerce businesses. This research will explore in-depth the laws and legislations related to e-commerce and how well they are adopted and implemented by the e-commerce companies. All smart phones using android and IOS applications allow users to browse the internet. Consequently, more and more retailers are now upgrading their websites to make them responsive and friendlier to mobile visitors. In this regard, some savvy e-commerce retailers are developing delivery mechanisms that satisfy the needs of the new platform.

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More and more payment gateways have evolved with increasing e-commerce adoption in the business industry. Thus, it will be interesting to explore this aspect of e-commerce as it will give an insight into the current e-commerce industry. This research will explore the concept of wireless security and how it helps e-commerce industry. This research will aim to understand the m-commerce adoption rate and what compels customers to move towards m-commerce. This research will investigate the m-commerce strategies that are employed by the airline sector in the UAE.

This research will analyse the quick adoption rate of m-commerce rate in the travel sector in UK. This research will present a comparative analysis of traditional commerce and e-commerce and how multinationals benefit from it. This topic can be customized to a country or company of your choosing. There is no doubt that e-commerce and m-commerce have played a huge role in the development of economies. This research will present some major trust and security issues associated with m-commerce and will also present ways how companies can overcome these issues.

Just like e-commerce, m-commerce also has its own data security issues. This research will understand the role of importance of data security and will discuss how it can be ensured. This research will understand the challenges and opportunities associated with revenue generation through m-commerce.

Fantastic article, I have bookmarked this excellent website and may learn more later. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sociology Dissertation Topics November 5, E-commerce Dissertation Topics. Introduction Studying e-commerce helps in understanding the online version of businesses.

E-Commerce Dissertation Topics for Topic 1: Analysing the impact of e-commerce strategies in building better relationship with customer: Case study of UK Fashion industry Research Aim: UK fashion industry is a fragmented zone where large number of famous brands have been competing for gaining an edge through better customer relationship. Topic 2: Assessing the impact of web-site attributes on consumer buying pattern: Case study of Amazon and E bay Research Aim: The rise of information technology has inclined famous brands to incorporate website attributes for increasing consumer purchase intentions.

Topic 4: Critical analysis of security policies and vulnerability of an online banking website: Identifying the challenges and remedies to improvise risk management Research Aim: The number of internet users has been increasing day by day, however it has also posited various security issues amongst online banking websites. Topic 6: Exploring the Regulations and Guidelines Set Out for the E-Commerce Companies This research will understand the rules and regulations set out by the government and regulating authorities in order to implement safe and secure e-commerce.

Topic 7: Analyzing the Best Security Mechanisms that Should be Implemented by E-Commerce Companies When implementing e-commerce, it is absolutely necessary for businesses to make sure that the best security mechanisms are undertaken. Topic Security Limitations and Challenges of Implementing E-Commerce This research will explore the challenges and security limitations that companies face when building an e-commerce business.

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